I was born in Milano in 1976 and I grew up in the province of the city, right at the border of Parco delle Groane and near some agricultural areas which are now covered by buildings and rail yards.

Since childhood, guided by my father, vintage pharmacist and professor of biology at the university, I have developed a special contact and a deep passion towards nature and animals.


To my mother and grand mother I own the ability to create and transform objects and my passion for art and aesthetics, and to an aunt my love for history, exploration and archeology. 


My curiosity, once completed my studies at the art school and at the  fashion school of the Istituto Europeo di Design, has driven me to look for a direct contact and to discover live the worlds that fascinated me. 

My first vacations in Valcamonica and the encounter with rock art and the Centro Camuno di studi preistorici have marked my path, taking me to South africa, after several years of collaboration wth the Centro and excavations and surveys in Valcamoica.

I have lived for one year in Kwazulu Natal, and this experienced has opened even further my mind and heart to the passion for symbols and all that is ancient or has deep roots. 


Once back in Italy I have worked in the fashion industry, I whent  from an gency dealing with photographers and stylists to other occupations as Fashion designer, to return to the IED as course assistant.


In the meantime my interest for archeology and nature took me several times to Africa where I took part, organised and coordinated various research expeditions in protected areas and nature reserves, and over the years I have been admitted as a member of the Explorer's club international. 

Now I live in Saronno, Varese, and I dedicate myself full time to art, shiatsu, my friends and my family.




dettail of a prehistorical engraving on a rock in Valcamonica
dettail of a prehistorical engraving on a rock in Valcamonica

Artistic research


My first works are paintings with oil colours and acrylic on canvas, this is the basis from which I have developed my career, my research has led me to seek essential lines and the use of white and black. 

In recent years I have replaced this traditional technique with the use of collage and dripping, installations and lights, and the use of trash, in particular plastic.


The study  rock art and African art, my travels and my archaeological research in South Africa along with my long association with the Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici in Valcamonica have left an imprint in the lines and in the atmospheres I use in my work, where I try to convey a primitivism filtered by my passion for the East and from my western roots.


From my life long experience within the urban society is born my choice to work more and more with essential shapes and colors over the years, with the goal to reduce the chaos and confusion and focus on the message I want to convey. 


Concern for the environment and a sense of interdependence among living beings are central issues of my current work, hence the decision to switch from canvas to boards and waste materials, creating art with what I pick up randomly or through friends in my environment and that I have called Trash.


Symbolism and simplicity come together in the reuse and transformation of poor materials. 

With my work, through the synthesis of the image, I tell and analyze concepts that remain suspended between physics, psychology and Buddhist spirituality. 

The mysteries of existence, the meaning of life and death, love and eros, the relationship between human beings and environment and the female aspects of society are the subjects of my stories.